How to Choose the Best TV & Internet Package for Your Family

If you are looking for both a TV and Internet package for your household, chances are you are probably thinking about bundling. Bundling involves going to the same provider and getting more than one kind of service, such as, in this case, both Internet and television. This is a very practical solution for many people. When you bundle you simplify things by turning two or three bills to different companies on different due dates into one single bill. Aside from making thing easier it also tends to merit discounts so you save money. Your choice is easy if you live in NYC. Just go to this website for Charter Spectrum in New York City. If you don’t live on NYC you have to make some decisions.

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First you may want to think about cable and satellite. When it comes to both TV and Internet there are advantages and disadvantages to getting either cable or satellite. If you pick satellite you will have to think about a satellite dish, reception, and storms, but with cable you may have restricted choices, especially if you live far away from a town. Cable Internet is usually faster, unless there are a lot of neighbors using it at the same time. Satellite Internet is more reliable and can be delivered to those who live way out in the country, away from civilization.

Unfortunately, when confronted with the question of the best TV and Internet package for you, the answer isn’t always simple. There may be quite a few options to choose from and it can be overwhelming sometimes, especially if you don’t know where to start or what to look for. First and foremost, ask those who live in your community or town. See if they bundle and what providers they liked or disliked. This will also help you to know what providers are available where you live.

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One good strategy is to start with a baseline first. Figure out how much money you are already paying for Internet and television, and, if you want to bundle phone too, add that along. After this has been established think about the perks and extra services you may enjoy having, such as fast Internet speeds, a Digital Video Recorder (DVR), or channel selection. Decide what is most important to you, be it price, features, Internet speed, or something else. These will be issues that you use to weigh one service against another.

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The first step is to find a list of companies that meet your initial requirements (like providing both TV and Internet) and then start narrowing them down and eliminating options. To do this, visit each website individually and take a serious look at the packages they offer. Look at prices and other areas that are important to you, such as features, technology, or specific channels. While you are comparing packages read the fine print and look into hidden fees as well as bonuses and deals. There is no harm in contacting the service provider and talking to them about fees as well as any questions you may have. At this point you should be fully equipped and ready to make a decision, as you will have all of the important information you need. 

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10 Things You Never Knew About Supernatural

Now in its tenth season, Supernatural has followed the humble beginnings of a small casts into what is now a huge, growing cult of fans. Supernatural is one of the longest running series on the CW, and fans and critics agree: it’s not going anywhere any time soon. Even if you’re a diehard fan of the show, there’s a good chance you still don’t know any of the below facts about Supernatural and its cast.



  1. Early on in the series, Dean Winchester’s phone number was given. For a short time afterwards, it was actually a working number. Fans could call in and leave a message after they heard Dean read off the lines “This is Dean Winchester. If this is an emergency, leave a message. If you are calling about 11-2-83, page me with your coordinates.” It’s not exactly known when the message was taken down, but today the number leads to a fax machine. While fans still try reaching Dean through the number 1-866-907-3235, it is unknown where the fax machine is located.
  2. In real life, Jared Padalecki (who plays Sam Winchester in the series) injured his arm while wrestling. At the beginning of season 10, the writers had to make up a backstory as to why Sam had to wear a sling. Earlier on in the show (season 2) Jared also managed to break his wrist while shooting.
  3. While no longer running, the highly-successful show about a spoof police physic, Psych used to be filmed near the same area of Supernatural. While airing on different networks, the two shows often shared extras throughout the series.
  4. Misha Collins who plays the fan favorite, Castiel, was only supposed to make a few appearances in the series. Due to a great fan response, writers decided to keep him on the show. Since, many interviews with Jensen and Jared (Dean and Sam) have light-heartedly revealed that they think his characters is rather pointless within the storyline, and the cast and crew often pick on Misha for it. While on the subject, it was also discovered that in his audition, Misha read the lines for the part of a demon, as the angles were a secret at the time.
  5. Dean’s iconic car is openly known to be a 1967 Chevy Impala, it’s received many nicknames from fans and the cast, but Dean has lovingly dubbed it his “baby.” It’s been revealed that there are actually five Impalas on set to use for filming.
  6. Eagle-eyed viewers have often caught the use of repeated sets. Most known is the fact that the asylum used early in the show has since also been used as a police station and apartment building. It can be recognized by the unique staircase. Other sets, like Bobby’s house, can be seen doubling as other places too (revealed by the wallpaper design).Supernatural-burning
  7. Many of the cast joked they would never make it to 200 episodes, with the creators believing they wouldn’t get past a fifth season. For the 200th episode that occurred in October, 2014, the fan base of Supernatural got to make their own appearance. In fact, Supernatural fans and Supernatural fan fiction has been reference many times throughout the series. In interviews, the stars of the show always express their surprise and love for the huge group of loyal fans.
  8. Rock n’ roll is a staple of the show. Throughout the series the music of Eric Kripke’s own record collection has been employed because the licensing to his favorite band (Led Zeppelin) is too expensive. The show has also entitled nearly every episode after a famous classic song or movie. While writing the pilot, Kripke also made sure to include the note “CUE MUSIC And you can take your anemic alternative pop and shove it up your ass. Dean plays bass thumping, pile driving Zeppelin, and he plays it loud” on the script.
  9. To show his love for Led Zeppelin in another way, the show has used the last names of all four Zeppelin members as an alias for the brothers throughout the series.
  10. Originally during casting, Jensen and Jared auditioned for each other’s current roles. After Jared came into audition, writers pushed them to switch places. It’s been revealed that the producers called up Jared and pitched to him that Dean was more of a Han Solo character, and they thought it’d fit him better than Sam’s part.

The cast and creators may have had little faith in the show’s longevity at first, but today, all of them have been proven wrong. As the fan base continuously grows, fans have to wonder what’s in store for the next season, which will be airing in the coming months. Season 11 will officially break the record for longest-running Sci-Fi series, which is presently held by Smallville. As fans await the next season, they also await the 300th episode celebration that everyone knows will be arriving one day soon. You can hop over to this website to find interesting sources of home entertainment.


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Why Was American Idol Cancelled?

There are many people who have been following the show American Idol from the day it first aired in 2002. Who can forget those first years when the show had become such a popular phenomenon for all the right, and all the wrong, reasons? The wrong reasons included people who simply loved to see Simon Cowell making people suffer and cry when he told them that their singing was pathetic and dreadful. Two words that managed to bring a lot of people back down into earth with a rude awakening that made this show such a shit.


The ratings really took off thanks to Simon’s relentless and unapologetic behavior. He had the mentality that people had to be told the truth about their signing, but in all fairness, he always acknowledged talent when he heard it. Simon is no longer with the cast, but he is going to be appearing for the last season along with his two original co star judges Paula and Randy. Other judges who have appear and will also be part of that last season in one way or another are going to be Steven Tyler, Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey and the current judges Jennifer Lopez, Keith urban and Harry Connick, Jr.

There are many speculations on why the show is going to be cancelled, but the news from Fox is that they felt that the show has ran its course and everything must come to an end regardless of how good it is. The truth is that the show has an incredibly large number of fans and viewers in 2006 and this was the peak of the popularity for the American Idol. The ratings have continues to fall each year since those 36 million viewers tuned in for the season finale in 2006 and it’s quite likely that the show is being cancelled because the producers want to close shop before things turn really ugly with the rantings.

Some people would think that the show could continue to be extremely popular all over the world for a long time, but according to producers, this is the right time to put an end to it and that is the reason why 2016 will air the 15th and final season of the show.


The producers do promise that this last season will be to be extremely good and the fact that it will be the last one, might easily boost the ratings and could possibly even break their 2006 ratings records as long as they bring in all the original judges to the mix. There is still much that is left to be said about the way that the last season will play out, but the show has been successful enough to go out with a very good last season.

A lot of now famous musicians have made their first TV appearances in American Idol and it is expected that all season winners will also be brought back to perform at some point, but this is not official news yet.

The truth is that whatever the creators of the show decide, we can definitely expect thins to be great for this final efforts. Stay tuned to the developing news behind the cancellation of the show and the kind of surprises that the producers will have for all the fans.  All we know is that if Simon is not in the last season, there will be a lot of disappointed people out there, but we are sure that he will be in it. When you sign up for a Charter Internet Plan, you can watch many of the old episodes.


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3 Things to Know About Selma



1. It’s not a biographical filmSelma, which stars David Oyelowo as Martin Luther King Jr. and Carmen Ejogo as Coretta Scott King, has received mostly positive press from the critics. The film focuses on the famous “Selma” marches of the 1960s, which were not only a monumental time for the progress of Civil Rights but a devastating time due to the violent response by government officials to many of the marches and protests. The following are 3 things to know about the film—and the history behind it—before watching.

Although the film does heavily feature Martin Luther King Jr., it is not a biographical film about him. The film is about the marches and the protests, which King was heavily involved in–but he was not the only person involved. The film covers various other leaders and people involved in the protests, government officials—including high ranking officials—and their involvement and Reponses, as well as people who were seriously injured or even killed during the protests.


2. The depiction of violence in the film is not meant to shock

The film covers some of the most brutal moments in Civil Rights history—including the bombing of the 16th Street Baptist church, the murder of Jimmie Lee Jackson, and the excessive brutality used by police and authorized by the government on the marchers and protestors. The director opted for a slightly more stylized depiction of violence, rather than more a blunter and “shocking” depiction. For example, many of the film’s violent scenes make use of slow motion and reaction shots, rather than showing audiences the immediate brutality; this style is meant to focus more on the audience’s empathy for the people affected, rather than on showing the full force of what happened to them.

The film’s decision to include moments of levity—such as an ordinary dinner party hosted by King, his wife and several of his friends—is another way that the director evoked empathy for the characters, by reminding audiences of their humanity.Selma-march

3. The cast includes many excellent actors

The film boasts an expansive and very talented cast, which includes David Oyelowo as King; Lorraine Toussaint as Amelia Boynton; Tim Roth as Governor George Wallace; Keith Stanfield as Jimmie Lee Jackson; Tessa Thompson as Diane Nash; Ledisi Young as Mahalia Jackson; and even Oprah Winfrey in a small but memorable role. Hop over here to look at other entertainment choices.

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Selections from Amber Rose’s Rose & Ono Fashion Line


Amber Rose is an actress, model, musician and fashion designer with who is best known of her appearances in multiple music videos, her guest appearances on several reality shows, and her fashion and makeup lines. Rose’s career took off after she appeared in the music video “What Them Girls Life,” which sparked a relationship with singer Kanye West, although the relationship lasted only from 2008 to 2010; in 2009, Rose launched her first eye makeup line and worked with Celestino at the famous New York Fashion Week.

Rose also has a fashion line which she co-created with her friend Priscilla Ono. The fashion line, Rose & Ono, is well known for its stylish pieces, which include all types of clothing, accessories, and even a plus size line. The following are some select highlights from the current offerings for sale at Rose & Ono, which are perfect for holiday gifts or personal treats.


Lilith Set With Oversized Hood (Multiple Colors)
Rose & Ono’s Lilith Set is sleek, sexy clothing set which features a form-fitting crop top and a matching midi skirt made from comfortable stretch jersey fabric. The crop top includes an oversized hood, which makes the set perfect for casual wear. The set retails for $65.00 and comes in three colors: black, red and blue. It is currently only available in small, medium and large.

Vampira Sunglasses
Rose & Ono’s ‘Vampira’ sun glasses feature a unique two-tone pattern that makes these glasses a striking choice for any sunny day. The glasses come in several colors, including black and silver; black and gold; and white and tan. They only come in one size and retail for $35.00.

Punky Plaid Set
Rose & Ono’s Punky Plaid set (available in 1xl-3xl) features a plaid dress with a sheer black skirt and plaid leggings. It retails for $70.00.amber-rose-herself

Cilla’s Sunglasses
Rose & Ono’s Cilla’s sunglasses are retro-styled sunglasses that are perfect for casual ensembles, especially those with a touch of retro flair. They retail for $20.00 and come in two colors: leopard print and solid black.

Overall Baby doll Dress
Rose & Ono’s Overall Baby Doll dress is an option for their plus size line; the dress features overall suspenders combined with a shoulder-short tank top for a stylish and yet form-fitting look. The dress comes in solid black and is available in sizes 1xl, 2xl, and 3xl. It retails for $80.00.

You can always catch the latest info about Amber Rose with a great entertainment package.

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Something You Probably Missed in The Walking Dead’s ‘Consumed”


“Consumed” saw Daryl and Carol teaming up to follow a vehicle bearing the same mark as the one that fled the scene of Beth’s kidnapping. As Daryl and Carol followed the car into Atlanta, they made a few stops along the way, including one to a temporary housing shelter for abused families, before meeting up with the escaped Noah. In the end, Carol was injured and taken in by the hospital group, while Daryl pledged to take Noah back to the church and get reinforcements. The episode was full of great scenes and exceptional charisma between Daryl and Carol—but there is one particular detail that many fans missed during their first watch.


One of the themes in this episode was moving on from the past, and becoming a new person while leaving the past behind. Carol referenced her earlier life prior to the outbreak, where she was abused by her husband but never had the will to leave him; she considered herself weak and useless.  But her current status as one of the most reliable and deadly characters on the show is a far cry from the Carol we saw in the first season.

Daryl, too, is a new person—as Carol put it, he is now a “man.” Daryl is not just the ‘muscle’ of the group, but an integral member who lives by his own moral code and is not afraid to put his life on the line for others.

One interesting touch that fans may have missed during the scene where Carol and Daryl are packing to leave the temporary shelter for abused women is Daryl tucking a book into his bag. The book was a guide to treating survivors of childhood abuse; earlier on in the series, it was revealed that Daryl’s father would beat him and Merle mercilessly, and deep scars can be seen on Daryl’s back from this childhood abuse. The book is a way to show that Daryl wants, like Carol, to move on from his past as an abuse survivor.walking-dead-knife

Carol was shown holding onto a copy of Tom Sawyer that Hershel gave to Lizzie and Mika back in the prison. In addition to having some interesting parallels (in the book, Tom Sawyer pretends to be dead and ‘rises’ from the dead at his own funeral) it could be a way to show that Carol is holding onto some part of her past, despite her claims to have let go.


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5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Uggie the Dog


Uggie the dog is best known for his work in the Academy Award-winning film, the Artist. Since he began working in Hollywood, Uggie has appeared in numerous films, television shows, and other types of media; he has even won several Hollywood-related awards for his work in the film industry. But how much do you know about this famous and well-loved dog actor? Read on for some surprising trivia about Uggie the dog!

He has won several awards
Uggie is one of a few dog actors who have been given the honor of special “dog” awards at various film festivals and awards shows. Uggie won the Palm Dog Award at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival for his work as “Jack” in The Artist; he was also given a special nomination for his work in the film at the famous Prix Lumiere Awards. The Dogs News Daily hosted its premiere Golden Collar Awards in 2012, and Uggie won the coveted award of Best Dog in a Theatrical Film.

He is the first dog to be on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
Uggie’s performance–and subsequent praise for–in The Artist earned him international attention. In June of 2012, Uggie began the first dog in history to have his paw prints imprinted on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


He was saved from a dog pound
Uggie was on his way to a dog pound after being sent back by two owners for his wild behavior when he was rescued by Omar Von Muller, a famous animal trainer. Von Muller was initially only going to foster Uggie while looking for a permanent owner, but he decided to adopt the dog and train him for work in film.

He had stunt doubles for “The Artist”
Although Uggie did most of his own stunts in the film, the production team behind The Artist did hire two stunt doubles–named Dash and Dude–for some of the very complicated tricks that required more experience. The stunt doubles were artifically colored with non-toxic dyes to resemble Uggie more closely, but they were–according to the director–only needed for a handful of scenes.

He is technically retired
In 2012, Uggie’s owner announced that Uggie was in retirement from movie making due to the long hours and physical stress of production. He has since only appeared in a few print campaigns and small cameo roles.



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3 Things You Probably Didn’t Know about Chris Hemsworth

chrishemsworthChris Hemsworth is one of the hottest stars in Hollywood. He is best known for his role as Thor, the incredibly strong and loyal demigod; he has portrayed Thor in three films so far, including the first titular ‘Thor’ film, the sequel to the original Thor, and the massively popular The Avengers. But Hemsworth is much more than ‘Thor,’ and there are many things that his fans probably don’t know about him. Test your knowledge of this famous actor by looking at some trivia that is most likely to surprise you.

His most rebellious act? Stealing a golf cart
Chris Hemsworth has something of a rebellious, devil-may-care reputation in Hollywood. IN 2011, Cosmopolitan Magazine named him one of the “Fun and Fearless Men” of the year. He later revealed, when asked about the magazine, that the most fearless thing he has ever done in his life was steal—only temporarily—a golf cart.


His early career was a struggle
Although he is one of the most famous actors in Hollywood today, his career wasn’t always shining bright. During his early career, he struggled to find roles—and especially to find roles that paid enough for him to live comfortably. During this period in his life, he stayed in the guest house of his manager for some time. IN between auditions for film and television roles, he even helped babysit his manager’s children!

He can drop his accent at will
Chris Hemsworth was raised from birth in Australia. However, Hemsworth received extensive professional dialect training that has given him the skill and ability to drop his accent entirely when a film or television role demands it. He also studied “American English” at Screenwise Film & TV School in Australia. This skill is considered particularly desirable because it allows the actor to take on roles that his accent might otherwise compromise.chris-hemsworth-sexy

He was on the Australian version of Dancing with the Stars.
In 2006, Hemsworth appeared on the Australia version of Dancing with the Stars   He remained on the show for some time, and was the 6th contestant eliminated from the show… Among the dances he performed with his partner Abbey Ross on the show were: the waltz, the rumba, the tango, the paso doble, the samba, the foxtrot, and the cha cha cha. They averaged a score of 19 points per dance. Just click over to this website for Comcast TV Deals so you can watch him on television.

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Should The Walking Dead Video Game Incorporate the Show’s Canon?

The Walking Dead video game series has been one of the most popular video games of the last several years. The series, which recently began its season 2 premieres, features new, game-exclusive characters within a new “Walking Dead” story. Both fans of the show and the comic book no doubt flocked to this game, which has been praised for its unique art style, its scary and intense gameplay, and its emotional heart and drive. But should The Walking Dead video game series begin to incorporate some elements from the immensely popular TV show?

walkingdeadgameRumors have been floating around for the past few seasons of the TV show that the comic book might decide to incorporate Daryl Dixon or his brother—or both Dixon Brothers—due to the incredible popularity that the show-exclusive character has received. Whether these rumors are true is another matter, but they have also given way to an even further discussion, this time regarding the popular Walking Dead video game series.

Fans in support of the idea often state that the game can only benefit from using at least some of the characters as they appear in The Walking Dead TV show. After all, an appearance by the show’s version of Glenn or the show-exclusive characters like Daryl could only boost the ratings and popularity of the video game, making it more profitable than ever. The show’s version of the characters are also interesting enough to include in a video game setting, where their personality or story could be more further explored than it could in the TV series.

Fans who oppose the idea, however, believe that the various “Walking Dead” canons should be kept separate and that trying to mix or merge the storylines of the game and the TV series is convoluted and unnecessary. If the show’s characters were brought into the mix, this would mean that both the writers of the video game and the TV show would need to collaborate to ensure nothing was out of sync; it would also take the focus from the game’s already established characters, like the young Clementine, in favor of “fan favorites” from the television show.

So far, the producers of the popular game series have not released a statement for or against the idea of including the television show’s canon in any current or future The Walking Dead games.

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“The Millers” Falls Flat, Despite an All-Star Cast

Family comedies are of no shortage, and we’ve seen a rise of them this season with promising titles such as The Goldbergs and Mom. The families typically have their own unique quirks and situations which make the shows unique. The Millers follows suite pretty closely, detailing the lives of members of a dysfunctional family.


The premise of The Millers is that Nathan Miller, a local news reporter, is trying to live the single’s life after his recent divorce. His plans are strained when his dad suddenly decides to divorce his mom, sending the family structure into shambles. Now, Nathan’s mom, Carol, lives with Nathan while his dad, Tom, lives with his daughter Debbie and her family. It’s the kind of scenario that viewers would expect in a show such as this one.


In fact, the show overall is rather predictable. Its only redeeming quality may be the cast, which is excellent. Will Arnet, who plays Nathan, manages to make even stale writing funny and his parents are portrayed by Margo Martindale and Beau Bridges- both esteemed actors. JB Smoove plays Nathan’s best friend, Ray, and does a superb job as well. While the superstar cast is appealing, the plots have us wondering if this show will last.


In a recent episode, Nathan and his sister, Debbie, try to get their parents back together. Nathan attempts to re-spark precious family memories by having his parents ‘sort’ their sentimental belongings. This mostly backfires, though, and new tactics have to be developed. This results in the family visiting their favorite restaurant to indulge in “The Kitchen Sink”- a kitchen sink full of ice cream the family must finish before a time limit to get it for free. This too backfires…or does it? An ending scene alludes to the parents getting intimate, though they insist to each other it doesn’t change anything and the kids must not find out.


The episode did have some great moments, such as when Carol typed a polite, detailed letter in the Bing search box asking for assistance and said thanks for a quick answer. Nathan and his sister uncover  an old video tape of their original “Kitchen Sink” attempt, discovering that they remembered things to be a lot better than they actually were. Surely viewers can relate to this. As we get older, some of the bad memories turn good- and vice versa- as family dynamics change.


The humor can be a bit simplistic at times, such as when the parents take Nathan and Debbie out to tell them about the divorce off file cards they made of tips they got from the internet. Nathan and Debbie are adults, so this is intended to be humorous, but it kind of just falls flat. It’s the kind of thing we see on television all the time, and the divorce theme is nothing new. It just falls a little short of expectations, resulting in disappointment. There’s just nothing really special about the show, aside from its cast.


It’s a toss up concerning this series. The great cast gives it potential, but some stronger writing and more unique plots would be nice. The rest of the season will have to determine what happens to The Millers. Sign up for Dish Network Satellite TV to see this and other fabulous television programming. You will be impressed with their service.
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