Atlas Shrugged Movie Critiques Are Not Good

Followers of novelist Ayn Rand and her landmark work “Atlas Shrugged” have been drooling since it was announced the novel was being adapted into a film. The film has been released on a limited basis after five decades of trying had produced little in the way of outcomes. That said; the faithful may want to steer clear because pundits are insisting that the novel has been utterly ruined by an awful movie. Resource for this article – Critics shrug in reaction to Atlas Shrugged movie in reviews by

Waiting for quite some time

It has taken years to get the best Ayn Rand books turned into movies. Followers have been waiting. Turning “Atlas Shrugged” into a movie was a daunting task; the novel is more than 1,000 pages, has lots of subplots and a 57-page monologue by the enigmatic male protagonist, Galt. Ayn Rand’s philosophy on Objectivism has made John Galt’s speech in the novel famous. After 53 years, the novel has finally been turned to the film. The novel was split into three films by director Paul Johannson and writer Brian Patrick O’Toole to fix the length issue. The first part, “Atlas Shrugged Part 1” is now in theaters.

Critiques on the movie

The film has gotten terrible critiques. The movie got 6 out of 100 on Rotten Tomatoes making it an all time bad movie. According to Roger Ebert, followers were not going to be happy and “in for a letdown.” He said the film was “the most anticlimactic non-event since Geraldo Rivera opened Al Capone’s vault.” The Reason website’s Kurt Loder said it is definitely a good thing Rand is dead so she does not have to see the film that was “like watching early rehearsals of a stage play that’s clearly doomed.” Peter Travers of Rolling Stone said it was “flapping on the screen like a bludgeoned seal.” Loder writing a scathing review is somewhat ironic; is a Libertarian focused news and opinion website, exactly the type of individuals who ferociously adore Rand.

Consensus is

The film is really bad, most critiques suggest. The CGI is derided as being cartoon-like and the acting is relentlessly lampooned. The movies may not get good reviews but will certainly be seen. Ayn Rand supporters will watch it no matter what. Several believe that the movie was just being rushed. This is because Tea Party types may like its anti-government message. Essentially, if one is a fervent Rand fan that doesn’t care if the film is good, the movie may be worthwhile. Keep away from it otherwise.


Rotten Tomatoes

Roger Ebert


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