The Future Of 3D Movies, TV And Games

Many consumers are still waiting to see how 3D develops before they buy a new television. Lots of people have yet to see a movie or sports event in 3D, but once they have, many become enthusiastic about the format and don’t want to go back to 2D. 2D just isn’t good enough any more.

And remember when colour screens on cellphones seemed kind of pointless? Well in the past there were people who were arguing that colour movies seemed like an unnecessary expense and, further back, sound distracted from the actors’ performance.

Whatever is the current cutting edge, soon becomes normal, as anyone with a smartphone can tell you.

The future for 3D glasses

Consumers who have yet to jump on the 3D bandwagon are being enticed by more and more advanced equipment by the TV manufacturers.

For those who do not like the size and weight of current glasses, soon lighter and more comfortable options will be available. Glasses-free 3D televisions are still in the future, but it is here now on some handheld games consoles and on prototype laptops. And how long before we see the first 3D smartphone?

Director James Cameron’s view of 3D in the future

James Cameron is the director of the benchmark movie for 3D, Avatar. In a recent interview with the Daily Telegraph, Cameron stated he believes 3D will be everywhere within the next ten years. He particularly stressed the importance of removing glasses from the experience of watching 3D.

He views glasses-free viewing as the next important threshold for 3D, with only slow and steady growth until that point. Cameron thinks broadcast programming, especially sports, and gaming will drive the adoption of 3D capable televisions in the home.

Gaming and 3D

The 3DS console from Nintendo is the 3D successor to the very popular DS handheld. Already in the hands of games players, the real advance here is that Nintendo has eliminated the need for glasses. The industry have found the company has a killer piece of hardware, and it’s backed up with a strong software line-up which is constantly growing.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, people in the industry and gamers have reacted well, typically noting that 3D gameplay is almost universally a better a experience than 2D gameplay. The future for 3D TV and 3D gaming are very much interlinked, with the games requiring a 3D capable television.

Making your own videos in 3D

A consumer version of the professional, twin HD camera and stereo jig system used to make Avatar is being developed. When a simple, compact camera exists which shoots 3D videos, it will drive adoption of 3D TV screens and computer monitors.

Spreading 3D and the Internet

As 3D videos become consumer-level technology, more and more 3D content will be offered over the Internet. With developments in 3D imaging coming out in almost every part of home entertainment and cinema, we could be reaching the tipping point where people expect 3D and products only in 2D will appear lacking.

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