“American Idol” Recap

Erika Van Pelt has been eliminated from the “American Idol” pool of contestants. The news doesn’t seem to come as any surprise to Van Pelt, however, and she leaves the show in good spirits.

Erika Van Pelt is 26 years old, and comes from Rhode Island. She feels good that she stayed long enough to enter the Top Ten of the competition. She leaves with memories, experience, and a promised spot on the American Idol summer tour. Her mood seemed to be upbeat and positive upon exiting the show.

Before leaving, Van Pelt shared some of her thoughts with the press. When asked about the consistently low votes she received from viewers, she stated she felt the problem had to do with momentum. She said she didn’t feel she had enough momentum to begin with, and that she had lagged behind with some of the voters during her performances on the show.

When she was asked about the lack of a save from the judges, her response centered around the fact that she had already mentally prepared herself for ending up on the bottom, should it happen. She also stated she knew it would be tough with the way that Casey Abrams was saved early.

Erika was also asked about her makeover. She made waves with a spectacular do-over, going from long blond hair to ultra short black hair. She said that Tommy Hilfiger, the guest stylist for the show, had come up with the idea to cut her hair short, but that the dark coloring was her idea. She had made the statement previously that she felt she was drowning in a sea of blonds, so the change was a welcome one for her. Reviews for her new style were mixed, but her complexion and blue eyes were able to pull it off.  She went on to say that she felt fearless when it came to hair colors, and that she had dyed her hair every color in the rainbow, including, but not limited to purples, reds and blues. She didn’t feel her makeover had done her any harm on the show, and that it had not affected the viewers in voting or not voting for her.

When asked about her competition, Van Pelt stated that a bond was there between them, helping them love and support each other 100%. She looks forward to the tour, because she feels it will be the same way.

About the American Idol Tour, Van Pelt stated she is looking forward to being able to perform without being judged on her performance. She credits “American Idol” with showing her that she needed to stay focused, but feels that she is a natural performer. She also stated that she never realized how much there was to performing.

Fans of “American Idol” and Erika Van Pelt will get to see her perform on the summer tour. Her exit from the show will not be the last performance her fans get to enjoy her in.

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