Burger King Commercial Controversy

Mary J Blige is a well-respected singer, songwriter and record producer. However, after her latest commercial, she was criticized rather sharply, recently, for what others called stereo typical advertising to the black community. Blige, who is considered by many to speak for the African-American community on several subjects, made a commercial in which she sang about the ingredients of Burger King’s new chicken wrap.

Due to the stereotype of “Black” people eating chicken, watermelon and drinking KoolAid, many found the ad to be offensive. In response to the criticism, others are justifying the ad by saying that people all over the world eat chicken, watermelon and drink KoolAid. They add that the only people putting any power into the stereo type are the ones complaining about it.

In response to the public outcry, Burger King took the ad off the internet and apologized to Blige for the response. Burger King stated that the commercial was released prematurely, and that it had not been edited before its release. The official story released by Burger King was that there was some kind of licensing dispute, but the commercial is now nowhere to be found online. It was released on Monday and completely pulled off by Tuesday, except on specific sites like Madame Noire.

For her part, Mary J Blige, and her representatives, have declined to respond to the cutting criticisms she has received. The only thing she has stated is that she does understand where her fans are coming from, and that due to its premature release, the ad did not come across the way it was supposed to. She also stated she would have never put the unfinished spot out. Burger King has apologized to Ms. Blige and her fans for causing offense. It has also promised to have the finished spot ready to air, shortly.

One voice stood out among the rest of the critics against the ad- Madame Noire. The website targets the 18-49 year old female African-American demographic. Renay, a writer for Madame Noire, wrote an open letter to Blige, in which it states the ad was a buffoonish commercial, in which Blige was “peddling“ chicken. Renay also stated Burger King had used Mary J Blige to reach the “urban” or “black” demographic, and that Burger King had “gotten” Mary. Renay was extremely disappointed in the fact that Blige had used the music from her own song “Don’t Mind” for the lyrics in the Burger King commercial. This site is visited by thousands, daily.

Other critics said the ad was simply below Mary J Blige’s level of expertise. These critics said the commercial was cheap, and that the “manager” behind the counter was too familiar with Ms. Blige for calling her by her first name.

Mary J Blige has won several awards, in several different categories, and garnered the title “Queen of Hip Hop Soul” during her career.

No criticism has been leveled at the new commercials done for Burger King by Selma Hayek and Jay Leno, also promoting the chicken wrap.

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