“The Talk” Features Outdoor Party Tips

“The Talk.” the CBS version of “The View” features Julie Chin, Sara Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne, Alicia Tyler, and Sheryl Underwood as they talk about everything from sex to gardening and everyone from Sara Palin to Kim Kardashian.

In today’s “Redo You” segment, interior designer, Taniya Nayak, offers her tips on making your outdoor gatherings a party to behold this summer. Grab a pen and paper and jot down these hints to make your party sizzle.

Think of a Theme

According to Taniya, the first thing on your “to do” list is to decide who your guests will be and how many people you will invite. Then your next duty will be to come up with a theme.  Theme events are a largely popular these days. Once you have decided on the theme, carry it out from the invitations, through the food, drink, décor and even gift bags for the guests. Variety stores have lots of themed party ideas and favors to make your outside event a hit.

Avoid Paper or Plastic

Taniya suggests that you should bring your indoor dining table and chairs outside for a party of two or more. Another idea is to use the table and pick up some thrift store chairs and paint them to match your theme or get new cushions and use them as they are. Dressing up the table with patterned wallpaper adds a little extra zing to your dinner table and it a simple and easy task to do. If you add some glass to it, you will create a unique table design to delight your guests and liven up your event. To set the table and glassware, purchase or use the real thing instead of paper plates or disposable. Taniya offers tips to purchase Moroccan themed glass or create your own. This all equates to a totally unique atmosphere and is quite different from an indoor party.

Bring the Indoor Rugs Outside

Next Taniya suggests that while most people like to embrace the durability of fabrics and materials made for outdoors, you can additionally create a “feeling of comfort” buy bringing the indoor rugs outside. She says pick up a piece of laminate and bring the rug from inside to place on it, giving off that warm and inviting feeling outside.

Create Separate Spaces

Taniya believes the main benefit of an outdoor party is the additional square footage. Unlike in your home, you have no walls or partitions outside so you need to create some rooms for several different moods for the guests to enjoy. For instance, she offers up examples like making a space for dancing or maybe creating a fire pit for a cool night or just to set the mood after dinner. Again, she used the Moroccan theme with an ottoman and made a loungey Moroccan area as well as added some theme lighting that she made herself and used flowers to tie the lighting together. Either way, it makes for a festive event.

Make a Backdrop

The last tip offered was Taniya created an accent wall by attaching Moroccan baskets to a piece of plywood, but you can use wood, or cloth.  Just add some color and some theme to it and your party will be the talk of the block!

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