“Cougar Town” Episode “You Can Still Change Your Mind”

Season three of “Cougar Town” is none the less fun and exciting as the show goes on. This week begins with Grayson making Jules’ house safe for his daughter as he certainly does not intend for anything to happen to Jill. While her mother may have named her Tampa, he isn’t using that.  He will rather use the middle name which he gave to her. In preparation for her, everything in the house that once moved is now fastened down and Jules will be putting her garbage in the sink. They’ve even secured the toilet!

Wondering why Ellie is always calling Laurie “Jellybean?” The reason finally reveals itself as Ellie shares the time when Jules first hired Laurie and she perceived Laurie to be very simple-minded, so much that she thought she could persuade her into believing that jellybeans were more valuable than an ounce of gold. Proving her theory, it was easy to get Laurie obsessed with paying Simon. Laurie soon realizes she stinks at playing Simon and starts to believe she isn’t very smart. Ellie steps in to tell her everybody has something that they are not good at and things that make them feel dumb, so she should take it in stride and let her weakness be playing Simon without being hard on herself.

Jules wants a top notch photographer for her wedding photos, but her desires to hire one have soon come to a halt as she feels obligated when Travis asks her to do the job. While it’s hard to refuse her baby boy and he has a horrible portfolio, Jules is not sure she has the strength to say no to him.

Angie hones in on the fact that it won’t matter how good or bad Travis is at photography, it is not probable that he will ever make a go of it since there is a saturation of the market with so many other competitors out there. Bottom line, he is just not that good. Jules makes up her mind to turn down Travis’ gig to do her photos. He is crushed as Angie tells her that Tray is pursuing a career in photography due to his love if it. Jules is now challenged with the decision whether she will support that dream or not. As guilt overtakes her, Jules decides to use Travis as her photographer after all, and he happily accepts her proposal.

Andy and Bobby are amazed by the fact that Angie and Ellie are settling in to a good relationship for a change and seem to be getting along very well. Being the perfect situation, Bobby is certainly not going to do anything to rock the boat so to speak.  However, just as things seem to be going well, Angie gets caught kissing someone else and Andy goes ballistic. He goes off on Angie as she tries to explain that they never talked about only seeing each other or having an exclusive courtship. He thought that is exactly the way it was so he decided he can’t see her again.

Angie’s ploy to get him back was to show up naked on Bobby’s boat, which should work just fine. However, it doesn’t work as she is in a weird place in her life just now and Bobby is looking for a more serious relationship. Unfortunately, they break up again and this time it may be final. Don’t miss the next “Cougar Town” on cable TV channel ABC, Tuesday’s 8:30/7:30c. Past episodes can also be seen at the website http://abc.go.com/shows/cougar-town.

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