Charter Communications Does Everything Better

Get tons of digital viewing selections, with HD, and free HD content through Charter TV. Don’t settle. Get the best with Charter Cable.

Hundreds of digital and HD channels, thousands of On Demand and live programming selections and DVRs and HD-DVRs can give you an exciting night at home any day of the week.

Work late, take the kids to soccer or just get tied up on the phone. Whatever happens, you can hit play on your remote and watch all the programming you couldn’t see earlier. With a DVR or HD-DVR, you can record your shows, movies, sports or children’s programs and no one has to do without again. Record on one channel, or several at a time. You can get the programs you are paying to watch, when you want to watch them.

Charter TV can offer you a complete viewing experience with movie or sports premiums. Add these to your programming package to get more of the content you really want to see. Get International programming for multi-cultural households. Charter On Demand offers new movie release and thousands of other selections, many for no fee. Charter Specials and Events offer live entertainment from main events, including sporting, music and comedy. Charter TV can offer it all.

Use Parental Controls to keep kids on the channels they should be on. Use the on screen digital channel guide to determine what you will allow them to see. Charter TV has the best features for any family. Pay one monthly rate and get the programming, features and services that best meet the needs of an entire household.

Use the Charter Internet service to navigate all of your favorite sites. Charter Internet offers some of the fastest speeds available. It’s so fast it’s won awards. Buckle up for one of the fastest internet experiences possible.

Get connected with up to ten devices with Charter WiFi. Experience quick downloads and uploads, and a lot less lag on your favorite multi-player games. Get constant protection from online threats with the online security software that comes with such incredible speeds. Make your online experience more fun by using your favorite iPad, tablet, smartphone or gaming console to surf, chat, network and play game or stream content. Even your children are safer with online Parental Controls. These packages offer everything you need for a total online experience.

Get a great home phone service that can save you hundreds of dollars in a year’s time. Charter Phone offers worry-free calling plans that include unlimited calling and a great digital feature selection. Charter Phone doesn’t charge you to make and receive calls by the minute, like other providers. You don’t have to wait for specific times, or days of the week. Just pick up the phone and make your calls.

Use the digital voice mail, Caller ID, Call Waiting, Three Way Calling and other digital features Charter Phone has to offer. These features come to you already included in the monthly rate. Get great rates, save money and talk for hours with Charter Phone.

Charter Cable can offer Bundled service packages that offer limited rates for unlimited savings. Save more, enjoy more and pay less with Charter Cable.

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