Why Sherlock is the Best Show NOT On Television

I’ll add the caveat NOT because let’s face it, Sherlock, the brilliant modern day telling of one of fiction’s greatest detectives by the BBC, is not currently on the air.  It hasn’t been on the air in some time.  In fact, no episode has been broadcast since January 2012!  That’s a long time to go without any fresh material and the craziest thing about this show is that within this time period it has only gotten more and more popular.

It’s almost like the public, not being able to see more, has gravitated towards what’s there and discovered a wonderful program.  The six episodes thus far have been watched, talked about, argued over, dissected and cheered again and again.  There are fan clubs, board games, chat rooms, Cumber-bitches (a term for the female fans driving to frenzy over lead Benedict Cumberbatch), and a slew of other media properties that has even overwhelmed the actual content for the show.  People are crying over more, more, more Sherlock!

Why the bloodlust over more episodes?  Why are the fans so incensed over a show they don’t even know that well?  Is it that good?  I say it is.  There are two main thrusts that make Sherlock so popular; one is the quality of the material.  Since it’s culled from one of the most popular fictional characters of all time, Sherlock Holmes, there is a huge amount of high quality themes and stories from which to draw inspiration.  The best thing the writers have done is treat the original stories with respect yet create something new and fresh.

Sherlock is an updated take on an old character.  They’ve snatched detective Holmes from his cozy Victorian time period and deposited him in modern times, complete with his able side kick John Watson.  The amazing chemistry between the two leads doesn’t hurt either.

The second is the quality of the cast and crew.  As said above, the two leads, Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch, are great together and apart as well; as evidenced by their skyrocketing popularity outside of Sherlock, the only thing stopping us getting more is the simple fact these two will be busy filming everything else under the sun.  Besides the excellent acting, the writers of the show understand both the material and what they wish to do with it.

This is an important point.  You can have the greatest premise in the world but without the implementation of solid execution, you have nothing.  It’s a show that truly fires on all cylinders, from acting, writing, production values, music, et al.  The only drawback is the small amount of episodes; just three per season and a grand total of six so far.  But with each being a full 90 minutes, each is like a feature length film and with all the quality that goes with it. When you sign up for satellite Internet service, you can watch reruns of this television show online.

Here’s to hoping it lasts as long as possible!

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