High Speed Internet for a High Speed World

I remember when my family first got Internet in our home. My sisters and I would have battles when one of us wanted to use the telephone and the other was trying to dial up to use the Internet. Dial up took up to seven minutes just to get started, and it was a luxury to us! Nowadays, in our jam-packed-every-minute–counts kind of lifestyles, as the trending saying goes: “ain’t nobody got time for that.” The Internet and it’s speed are constantly getting better and better and quicker and quicker. When your entire job or class is online and deadlines are popping out at you constantly, it is crucial to have speedy, reliable Internet services!

I have been using AT&T U-verse’s Internet service for the past few months. I have been a hundred percent pleased with AT&T’s service! My Internet is always working and always quick. I had been using other Internet services for the past couple years and was constantly finding myself frustrated. Navigating from one website to the other was such a slow process that I basically avoided getting on the computer altogether. With AT&T U-verse I have a new found love for the Internet. I can find out everything I want to know quickly and efficiently. And there are connections everywhere! U-verse’s high speed Internet includes on-the-go access to the entire national AT&T WiFi network. If one of those crazy deadlines pops up while I’m not at home, I can still take care of it! Take a look at AT&T U-verse Internet Plans.

I can’t help but think how much more peaceful those first few years of Internet access in our home would have been if my family had had AT&T U-verse’s high speed internet. Not only would one of us be able to use the phone while the other was on the Internet but all five of us could have been on the Internet at the same time with every thing still running smoothly. My sisters don’t live at home with me anymore so we wouldn’t be arguing over Internet sharing anyways but at least now I can talk and laugh with one sister on the phone while I’m Skyping the other on the Internet (with great connection). I certainly have time for that!

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