Should The Walking Dead Video Game Incorporate the Show’s Canon?

The Walking Dead video game series has been one of the most popular video games of the last several years. The series, which recently began its season 2 premieres, features new, game-exclusive characters within a new “Walking Dead” story. Both fans of the show and the comic book no doubt flocked to this game, which has been praised for its unique art style, its scary and intense gameplay, and its emotional heart and drive. But should The Walking Dead video game series begin to incorporate some elements from the immensely popular TV show?

walkingdeadgameRumors have been floating around for the past few seasons of the TV show that the comic book might decide to incorporate Daryl Dixon or his brother—or both Dixon Brothers—due to the incredible popularity that the show-exclusive character has received. Whether these rumors are true is another matter, but they have also given way to an even further discussion, this time regarding the popular Walking Dead video game series.

Fans in support of the idea often state that the game can only benefit from using at least some of the characters as they appear in The Walking Dead TV show. After all, an appearance by the show’s version of Glenn or the show-exclusive characters like Daryl could only boost the ratings and popularity of the video game, making it more profitable than ever. The show’s version of the characters are also interesting enough to include in a video game setting, where their personality or story could be more further explored than it could in the TV series.

Fans who oppose the idea, however, believe that the various “Walking Dead” canons should be kept separate and that trying to mix or merge the storylines of the game and the TV series is convoluted and unnecessary. If the show’s characters were brought into the mix, this would mean that both the writers of the video game and the TV show would need to collaborate to ensure nothing was out of sync; it would also take the focus from the game’s already established characters, like the young Clementine, in favor of “fan favorites” from the television show.

So far, the producers of the popular game series have not released a statement for or against the idea of including the television show’s canon in any current or future The Walking Dead games.

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