Why Was American Idol Cancelled?

There are many people who have been following the show American Idol from the day it first aired in 2002. Who can forget those first years when the show had become such a popular phenomenon for all the right, and all the wrong, reasons? The wrong reasons included people who simply loved to see Simon Cowell making people suffer and cry when he told them that their singing was pathetic and dreadful. Two words that managed to bring a lot of people back down into earth with a rude awakening that made this show such a shit.


The ratings really took off thanks to Simon’s relentless and unapologetic behavior. He had the mentality that people had to be told the truth about their signing, but in all fairness, he always acknowledged talent when he heard it. Simon is no longer with the cast, but he is going to be appearing for the last season along with his two original co star judges Paula and Randy. Other judges who have appear and will also be part of that last season in one way or another are going to be Steven Tyler, Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey and the current judges Jennifer Lopez, Keith urban and Harry Connick, Jr.

There are many speculations on why the show is going to be cancelled, but the news from Fox is that they felt that the show has ran its course and everything must come to an end regardless of how good it is. The truth is that the show has an incredibly large number of fans and viewers in 2006 and this was the peak of the popularity for the American Idol. The ratings have continues to fall each year since those 36 million viewers tuned in for the season finale in 2006 and it’s quite likely that the show is being cancelled because the producers want to close shop before things turn really ugly with the rantings.

Some people would think that the show could continue to be extremely popular all over the world for a long time, but according to producers, this is the right time to put an end to it and that is the reason why 2016 will air the 15th and final season of the show.


The producers do promise that this last season will be to be extremely good and the fact that it will be the last one, might easily boost the ratings and could possibly even break their 2006 ratings records as long as they bring in all the original judges to the mix. There is still much that is left to be said about the way that the last season will play out, but the show has been successful enough to go out with a very good last season.

A lot of now famous musicians have made their first TV appearances in American Idol and it is expected that all season winners will also be brought back to perform at some point, but this is not official news yet.

The truth is that whatever the creators of the show decide, we can definitely expect thins to be great for this final efforts. Stay tuned to the developing news behind the cancellation of the show and the kind of surprises that the producers will have for all the fans.  All we know is that if Simon is not in the last season, there will be a lot of disappointed people out there, but we are sure that he will be in it. When you sign up for a Charter Internet Plan, you can watch many of the old episodes.


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