10 Things You Never Knew About Supernatural

Now in its tenth season, Supernatural has followed the humble beginnings of a small casts into what is now a huge, growing cult of fans. Supernatural is one of the longest running series on the CW, and fans and critics agree: it’s not going anywhere any time soon. Even if you’re a diehard fan of the show, there’s a good chance you still don’t know any of the below facts about Supernatural and its cast.



  1. Early on in the series, Dean Winchester’s phone number was given. For a short time afterwards, it was actually a working number. Fans could call in and leave a message after they heard Dean read off the lines “This is Dean Winchester. If this is an emergency, leave a message. If you are calling about 11-2-83, page me with your coordinates.” It’s not exactly known when the message was taken down, but today the number leads to a fax machine. While fans still try reaching Dean through the number 1-866-907-3235, it is unknown where the fax machine is located.
  2. In real life, Jared Padalecki (who plays Sam Winchester in the series) injured his arm while wrestling. At the beginning of season 10, the writers had to make up a backstory as to why Sam had to wear a sling. Earlier on in the show (season 2) Jared also managed to break his wrist while shooting.
  3. While no longer running, the highly-successful show about a spoof police physic, Psych used to be filmed near the same area of Supernatural. While airing on different networks, the two shows often shared extras throughout the series.
  4. Misha Collins who plays the fan favorite, Castiel, was only supposed to make a few appearances in the series. Due to a great fan response, writers decided to keep him on the show. Since, many interviews with Jensen and Jared (Dean and Sam) have light-heartedly revealed that they think his characters is rather pointless within the storyline, and the cast and crew often pick on Misha for it. While on the subject, it was also discovered that in his audition, Misha read the lines for the part of a demon, as the angles were a secret at the time.
  5. Dean’s iconic car is openly known to be a 1967 Chevy Impala, it’s received many nicknames from fans and the cast, but Dean has lovingly dubbed it his “baby.” It’s been revealed that there are actually five Impalas on set to use for filming.
  6. Eagle-eyed viewers have often caught the use of repeated sets. Most known is the fact that the asylum used early in the show has since also been used as a police station and apartment building. It can be recognized by the unique staircase. Other sets, like Bobby’s house, can be seen doubling as other places too (revealed by the wallpaper design).Supernatural-burning
  7. Many of the cast joked they would never make it to 200 episodes, with the creators believing they wouldn’t get past a fifth season. For the 200th episode that occurred in October, 2014, the fan base of Supernatural got to make their own appearance. In fact, Supernatural fans and Supernatural fan fiction has been reference many times throughout the series. In interviews, the stars of the show always express their surprise and love for the huge group of loyal fans.
  8. Rock n’ roll is a staple of the show. Throughout the series the music of Eric Kripke’s own record collection has been employed because the licensing to his favorite band (Led Zeppelin) is too expensive. The show has also entitled nearly every episode after a famous classic song or movie. While writing the pilot, Kripke also made sure to include the note “CUE MUSIC And you can take your anemic alternative pop and shove it up your ass. Dean plays bass thumping, pile driving Zeppelin, and he plays it loud” on the script.
  9. To show his love for Led Zeppelin in another way, the show has used the last names of all four Zeppelin members as an alias for the brothers throughout the series.
  10. Originally during casting, Jensen and Jared auditioned for each other’s current roles. After Jared came into audition, writers pushed them to switch places. It’s been revealed that the producers called up Jared and pitched to him that Dean was more of a Han Solo character, and they thought it’d fit him better than Sam’s part.

The cast and creators may have had little faith in the show’s longevity at first, but today, all of them have been proven wrong. As the fan base continuously grows, fans have to wonder what’s in store for the next season, which will be airing in the coming months. Season 11 will officially break the record for longest-running Sci-Fi series, which is presently held by Smallville. As fans await the next season, they also await the 300th episode celebration that everyone knows will be arriving one day soon. You can hop over to this website to find interesting sources of home entertainment.


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