Family Ties

Family Ties

Family Ties

In the annals of television history there are a multitude of great fictional families.  The Simpsons, the Bunkers, the Bundys.  One of my favorite has always been the Keatons from Family Ties, starring Justine Bateman, Michael J. Fox, Meredith Baxter Birney, Tina Struthers and Michael Gross.

The premise was simple.  Two former hippies must raise one of the most conservative, Regan loving kids that ever lived, Alex P. Keaton, played with gusto and confidence by Michael J. Fox.  It was set during the early portion of Regan’s presidency and focus a lot of Alex’s love of conservatism and his parent’s free loving, ex-hippy ideals and the friction there in.  Much of the conflict and comedy was had within this premise.

At least at first.  While it remained a theme throughout much of its impressive 7 year and 176 episode run, Family Ties was more about, believe it or not, the family.  We go to learn all about the entire Keaton family, and with Mallory being about as far opposite from Alex as siblings could be, it made for not only comedy but gave the show heart when Alex and she helped each other.  The actors pulled off a difficult job, with both conflict being a central theme but deep down, you always knew they all cared about each other

I think I miss that about a lot of 80’s shows.  There was a general sweetness that is missing nowadays in most programs, even ones that are suppose to be about normal people.  The casts are always so cynical and mean to each other and they forget they are suppose to be good to each other as well.

Much of the supporting cast were memorable as well, with the lovable neighbor Skippy, who was always trying to hit on Mallory and failing and then her full time boyfriend Nick, a bit of a Neanderthal but a good guy.

I find it interesting that Alex was not intended to be the main focus of the show but when audiences responded so well to Michael J. Fox’s performance, they changed the focus to him.famiy-ties-father

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High Speed Internet for a High Speed World

I remember when my family first got Internet in our home. My sisters and I would have battles when one of us wanted to use the telephone and the other was trying to dial up to use the Internet. Dial up took up to seven minutes just to get started, and it was a luxury to us! Nowadays, in our jam-packed-every-minute–counts kind of lifestyles, as the trending saying goes: “ain’t nobody got time for that.” The Internet and it’s speed are constantly getting better and better and quicker and quicker. When your entire job or class is online and deadlines are popping out at you constantly, it is crucial to have speedy, reliable Internet services!

I have been using AT&T U-verse’s Internet service for the past few months. I have been a hundred percent pleased with AT&T’s service! My Internet is always working and always quick. I had been using other Internet services for the past couple years and was constantly finding myself frustrated. Navigating from one website to the other was such a slow process that I basically avoided getting on the computer altogether. With AT&T U-verse I have a new found love for the Internet. I can find out everything I want to know quickly and efficiently. And there are connections everywhere! U-verse’s high speed Internet includes on-the-go access to the entire national AT&T WiFi network. If one of those crazy deadlines pops up while I’m not at home, I can still take care of it! Take a look at AT&T U-verse Internet Plans.

I can’t help but think how much more peaceful those first few years of Internet access in our home would have been if my family had had AT&T U-verse’s high speed internet. Not only would one of us be able to use the phone while the other was on the Internet but all five of us could have been on the Internet at the same time with every thing still running smoothly. My sisters don’t live at home with me anymore so we wouldn’t be arguing over Internet sharing anyways but at least now I can talk and laugh with one sister on the phone while I’m Skyping the other on the Internet (with great connection). I certainly have time for that!

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Why Sherlock is the Best Show NOT On Television

I’ll add the caveat NOT because let’s face it, Sherlock, the brilliant modern day telling of one of fiction’s greatest detectives by the BBC, is not currently on the air.  It hasn’t been on the air in some time.  In fact, no episode has been broadcast since January 2012!  That’s a long time to go without any fresh material and the craziest thing about this show is that within this time period it has only gotten more and more popular.

It’s almost like the public, not being able to see more, has gravitated towards what’s there and discovered a wonderful program.  The six episodes thus far have been watched, talked about, argued over, dissected and cheered again and again.  There are fan clubs, board games, chat rooms, Cumber-bitches (a term for the female fans driving to frenzy over lead Benedict Cumberbatch), and a slew of other media properties that has even overwhelmed the actual content for the show.  People are crying over more, more, more Sherlock!

Why the bloodlust over more episodes?  Why are the fans so incensed over a show they don’t even know that well?  Is it that good?  I say it is.  There are two main thrusts that make Sherlock so popular; one is the quality of the material.  Since it’s culled from one of the most popular fictional characters of all time, Sherlock Holmes, there is a huge amount of high quality themes and stories from which to draw inspiration.  The best thing the writers have done is treat the original stories with respect yet create something new and fresh.

Sherlock is an updated take on an old character.  They’ve snatched detective Holmes from his cozy Victorian time period and deposited him in modern times, complete with his able side kick John Watson.  The amazing chemistry between the two leads doesn’t hurt either.

The second is the quality of the cast and crew.  As said above, the two leads, Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch, are great together and apart as well; as evidenced by their skyrocketing popularity outside of Sherlock, the only thing stopping us getting more is the simple fact these two will be busy filming everything else under the sun.  Besides the excellent acting, the writers of the show understand both the material and what they wish to do with it.

This is an important point.  You can have the greatest premise in the world but without the implementation of solid execution, you have nothing.  It’s a show that truly fires on all cylinders, from acting, writing, production values, music, et al.  The only drawback is the small amount of episodes; just three per season and a grand total of six so far.  But with each being a full 90 minutes, each is like a feature length film and with all the quality that goes with it. When you sign up for satellite Internet service, you can watch reruns of this television show online.

Here’s to hoping it lasts as long as possible!

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Star Trek Episodes

Star Trek Episodes

Star Trek Episodes
Click image for larger version.

Go over here to find more details about this famous American TV and Movie Science Fiction Series.

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Charter Communications Does Everything Better

Get tons of digital viewing selections, with HD, and free HD content through Charter TV. Don’t settle. Get the best with Charter Cable.

Hundreds of digital and HD channels, thousands of On Demand and live programming selections and DVRs and HD-DVRs can give you an exciting night at home any day of the week.

Work late, take the kids to soccer or just get tied up on the phone. Whatever happens, you can hit play on your remote and watch all the programming you couldn’t see earlier. With a DVR or HD-DVR, you can record your shows, movies, sports or children’s programs and no one has to do without again. Record on one channel, or several at a time. You can get the programs you are paying to watch, when you want to watch them.

Charter TV can offer you a complete viewing experience with movie or sports premiums. Add these to your programming package to get more of the content you really want to see. Get International programming for multi-cultural households. Charter On Demand offers new movie release and thousands of other selections, many for no fee. Charter Specials and Events offer live entertainment from main events, including sporting, music and comedy. Charter TV can offer it all.

Use Parental Controls to keep kids on the channels they should be on. Use the on screen digital channel guide to determine what you will allow them to see. Charter TV has the best features for any family. Pay one monthly rate and get the programming, features and services that best meet the needs of an entire household.

Use the Charter Internet service to navigate all of your favorite sites. Charter Internet offers some of the fastest speeds available. It’s so fast it’s won awards. Buckle up for one of the fastest internet experiences possible.

Get connected with up to ten devices with Charter WiFi. Experience quick downloads and uploads, and a lot less lag on your favorite multi-player games. Get constant protection from online threats with the online security software that comes with such incredible speeds. Make your online experience more fun by using your favorite iPad, tablet, smartphone or gaming console to surf, chat, network and play game or stream content. Even your children are safer with online Parental Controls. These packages offer everything you need for a total online experience.

Get a great home phone service that can save you hundreds of dollars in a year’s time. Charter Phone offers worry-free calling plans that include unlimited calling and a great digital feature selection. Charter Phone doesn’t charge you to make and receive calls by the minute, like other providers. You don’t have to wait for specific times, or days of the week. Just pick up the phone and make your calls.

Use the digital voice mail, Caller ID, Call Waiting, Three Way Calling and other digital features Charter Phone has to offer. These features come to you already included in the monthly rate. Get great rates, save money and talk for hours with Charter Phone.

Charter Cable can offer Bundled service packages that offer limited rates for unlimited savings. Save more, enjoy more and pay less with Charter Cable.

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Time Warner Cable Does Everything Better

Whether the kids are arguing, you need a bathroom break, or you run out of snacks, you never have to worry about missing an important scene in your favorite TV show or movie with Time Warner Cable TV.  These services are versatile enough to fit into your home life, comfortably.  Click Time Warner Cable TV Deals for more information about the current offers.

Family life can get crazy, and sometimes you just want to relax on the couch with your favorite movies. This versatility expands to include using the DVR service that Time Warner Cable brings to you, without all the drawbacks of going to a movie theater. Record, rewind, pause and fast forward through your stored content so that your family gets the full benefit of your programming package.

With On Demand, you have access to thousands of programs, movies and other content. Select a movie from the menu and avoid the rental store. Just use your remote and relax.

Internet You Can Trust

With this service, you have more options and features that accommodate everyone in your household. With the Time Warner Cable Internet Wi-Fi service, not only can you browse the web on your desk top, but you can browse on your mobile devices as well. You can do work on your desktop while your kids are doing their homework on their laptops.

Time Warner Cable Internet gets rid of fighting over who can use the computer next, so everyone is happy. And your network is always protected with your own pin, so you do not have to worry about your neighbors jumping on your connection and slowing the network down. Just choose your own personal password and you are protected.


Your time is valuable, and no one wants their time wasted with flimsy connections or static. When you have Time Warner Cable Home Phone service, your mind is put at ease. Your phone calls are important, and we all know how discouraging it is to lose a connection or miss parts of the conversation. Time Warner Cable Home Phone services helps keep you talking with your family and friends, without breaking the bank. With unlimited local and long distance plans from The Time Warner Cable Company, staying in touch is worry free. Even if you need to borrow sugar from your neighbor to bake cookies with the kids, all you have to do is pick up the phone. Time Warner Cable has you covered.

Everything You Need, In One Place!

With bundle packages from Time Warner Cable Digital Service Bundles, you never have to worry about an unaffordable bill again. Your family has a lot of needs, especially when it comes to keeping in touch and having their fill of entertainment. Start off your morning by calling friends, local or long distance, with your home phone services. In the afternoon, play online games with your kids or surf the web. Imagine ending the evening sitting near the fire, catching up on your favorite TV show with your On Demand or DVR services.

Family time is quality time, and Time Warner Cable makes it affordable to entertain the whole family with ease.

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Charter Communications Helps You Tame The Beast

The children have homework, you have laundry to finish and dinner to cook, your spouse is running late, and the movies still have to be returned before you get charged a late fee. How does simplicity sound right about now? It is possible. You just need the right services to help you when things get hectic.

Charter Cable offers several services that can help any busy household. Whether you want to watch your TV shows, rent movies, talk on the phone or surf the net at incredible speeds, Charter Comunnications can help.

Let your nightly routine take its course while you record your television programming to watch later, or pick up with a show in free HD. Find out how Charter TV lets you rent your movies from home and save yourself gas and late fees. Screen and make your important calls as you need to, so that your schedule is not interrupted at key times, like supper. Surf with broadband reliability from wireless devices and get the speed you need to keep up with everything else. Click here to find out more about Charter Cable Package Deals.

When your home life is chaotic, you need these services to keep you in the loop and on schedule. Charter Communications can provide for all of your home television programming and telecommunications needs.

Prevent The Leaks
When you choose a home phone provider, you need to choose one that can meet your needs and budget. You need one that can work around your home life. Charter Phone can do this. Use this home phone service to make all of your important domestic and International calls on one package. All of your local and long distance calls made within your US can be paid for in one rate, avoiding leaks in your budget. Charter Phone also provide competitive International rates, so you aren’t running out for calling cards.

This service comes with the digital benefit of calling features, like Voice Mail, Caller ID, Three Way Calling, Call Forwarding, Call Return and more.

Wireless Freedom
No more waiting for your turn on the computer. Grab your favorite wireless device and pay your bills, update your status or shop for something you need. Do this while your children are doing research for school or checking their school website for assignments. These speeds peak at over 50 Mbps, and the WiFi supports several devices at one time, so everyone can get the speed they need online.

This broadband internet service also comes with security software and online Parental Controls, so that your personal information, equipment and children are protected. You don’t pay for these extra services, but you get to enjoy them with Charter Internet.

Bundled Seamlessly
With such a busy schedule, you don’t need to have to find time to run out for stamps, or write checks to pay the bills. With Charter Cable Deals, you don’t have to. This cable provider gives you three services in one bill. You can pay one bill online every month, instead of scrambling for the check book when the bill comes due for three of them.

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Star Wars Movies

Star Wars Movies Timeline

Star Wars Movies

Star Wars Movies
Click on the above image for a larger view.

All your favorite Star Wars moments in an easy to follow format. Visit website to check out the Star Wars Movie Timeline!

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Star Trek TV Episodes and Movies

Star Trek TV Episodes and Movies

Star Trek TV Episodes and Movies

Star Trek TV Episodes and Movies
Click on image to see a larger version.

Star Trek is one of the most loved sci-fi series in the world. Take a look at some of the history of the Star Trek TV Series and Movies.

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Phenomenal Bundled Comcast Cable TV Specials In Seattle WA

With Comcast Digital Services in Seattle, Washington, customers from a variety of backgrounds can afford the most highly esteemed home service technology in the world.  Thanks to the unification of Digital TV with HD, High-Speed Internet, and Digital Voice the overall costs of getting these typically expensive home services is now cheaper than ever.  Only Comcast Digital Service are including more features and easier ordering abilities when you order online today!

Comcast Digital Services are exceptional at creating an environment at home that can facilitate the entertainment needs of even the largest households.  With over three programming features offered free-of-charge customers never have to worry about succumbing to the many awkward programming schedules of many different channels.

The free DVR is great for watching what you cannot because of personal or work-related inconveniences.  Letting you record anything you want whenever you want, get entire series, multiple sports games on different channels simultaneously, or a movie or two with hours of HD recording and storage available.

Online Programming is great for watching your favorite television whenever it comes on.  One of the most convenient features in the world, Online Programming lets you watch hundreds of live TV channels any place you get internet access! On Demand is also included and has the ability to offer thousands of HD and digital selections ranging from kid’s shows and movies to comedy and entire series for all ages.

Digital TV with HD is ideal for selecting from a plethora of channels to expand your horizons and interest.  Keeping in contact with modern culture locally and internationally has never been easier with so many channel selections.  With the brilliant and realistic quality that High Definition brings you will be more involved in what you are watching than ever!

The safest way to get online, when you check out High-Speed Internet in Seattle, WA, you can enjoy the only extensive 24/7 security package for your household. Filled with parental controls, virus protections, identity theft protections, and much more, Comcast Broadband Internet Service in Seattle WA is the cheapest and safest way to get online and protect your personal information, family, and computers.

Additional features compliment this fast service with entrance to exclusive websites, many personalization features, the ability to add a portable broadband service via USB port, and much more.

Digital Voice gives customers of Comcast Digital Services the upper hand when it comes to phone calls. Digital Voice customers never have to deal with wasting money on inaudible calls.  Instead you can talk to people from around the world as if you were speaking face-to-face, and you do not even have to pay extra for it as long as you are phoning within the U.S., Canada, and even Puerto Rico!

Tons of features include caller ID, anonymous call rejection, call forwarding, and many others. Keep your old number too!

Never pay for equipment and tons of features that you would have to order separately when you purchase Comcast Cable TV Deals in Seattle Washington. Everything is included with this low-cost offer so that you can order, install, and then relax once and for all when you come home.

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